Lincoln Park is the first Linkin Park tribute band in the CIS. It was founded in May 2018, when Minsk musicians decided to make a concert in memory of Chester Bennington – the departed vocalist of the Linkin Park band. The first remembrance concert took place in September 2017 in the “RE: PUBLIC” club. The show was attended by bands with styles like LP and those who wanted to honor the memory of the musician.

The next successful concert was held in May 2018. Seeing the public’s great interest in such tribute concerts, the musicians decided to unite into the Lincoln Park Tribute Band project so that the fans could have the opportunity to listen to their favorite compositions not only in audio format but also live. The success of the past concerts left no doubt that this project should exist and have tremendous fan support. Thus, the May concert became the starting point for a large project called Lincoln Park Tribute Band.

The name of the new band is not accidental. This is a kind of tribute to the memory of Chester Bennington, who proposed to name the band in this way: he constantly went to the studio in Santa Monica through Lincoln Park. The rest supported his idea, but they had to give up the name since the domain wasn’t free. The musicians changed a few letters without any hesitations, and the band’s final name was born, which became famous – Linkin Park.

The Belarusian tribute band was lucky: they had no problems with the domain This ultimately made it possible to turn the initial idea of the leader Linkin Park into reality.

The band consists of famous musicians who have previously proven themselves in successful projects:



Alexander Kiss









Lincoln Park band was highly rated by the hosts of large open-air festivals of The Republic of Belarus and soon invited there to perform. Concert history:

  • 31.10.2021 – performance at the Halloween party in the elite cottage club Konakovo (Moscow)
  • 11.09.2021 – headliners of the concert in honor of City Day (Minsk)
  • 21.07.2021 – solo concert in the club “Clever Rock” (Minsk)
  • 20.07.2021 – solo concert in the club “Red Head” (Minsk)
  • 20.03.2021 – solo concert in the club “Bruges” (Minsk)
  • 05.11.2020 – solo concert in the club “TNT” (Minsk)
  • 06.07.2019 – headliners of the festival MotoFestWest8 (Baranovichi)
  • 01.07.2019 – performance at the II European Games 2019 (Minsk, Dreamland Park)
  • 15.06.2019 – headliners of the festival Machine Head Show (Saratov)
  • 25.05.2019 – headliners of the biker festival On the wings of Kazhan – 2 (Mosty)
  • 12.05.2019 –  headliners of the event “Best hits of 90 and 2000” in the club “Bruges” (Minsk)
  • 23.03.2019 – solo concert in the club “Coyote” (Brest)
  • 20.03.2019 – solo acoustic concert in honor of Chester Bennington’s birthday at the club “Ginger” (Minsk)
  • 20.12.2018 – solo concert in the club “Bruges” (Minsk)
  • 29.09.2018 – performance at the awards ceremony TOP PERFORMER BELARUS 2018, winners in the main nomination
  • 25.08.2018 – performance at the festival Rock-August 2018 (Grodno)
  • 28.07.2018 – headliners of the sports festival Shimko gathers friends (Isloch river)
  • 03.05.2018 – solo concert in the club “Bruges” (Minsk)
  • 01.03.2018 – street performance on st. Zybitskaya (Minsk)
  • 03.09.2017 – the first event in memory of Chester Bennington in the club “RE: PUBLIC” (Minsk)